Pete Brown’s Miracle Brew Virtual Book Club Box


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Join legendary Beer writer Pete Brown on Weds 16th June for his regular Virtual Book club.
This week he will be talking through his exploration of the fundamental ingredients of Beer: Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water.
This pack includes:-
Redwillow – Chevalier IPA
Arbor – Mosaic
De La Senne – Taras Boulba
Double Barrelled – Back to Life
Double Barrelled – Back to Reality

Pete says: Each beer below showcases one particular ingredient that’s discussed in the book. This tasting flight of pale ales and IPAs allows you to experience the same discoveries I did when I was researching it, seeing how changes in each one affect the overall beer.
Red Willow – Chevalier IPA – in the book I was there when the first test batch of Chevallier malt was delivered. Since then it’s been used to stunning effect, most notably by Cheshire Brewhouse
Arbor – Mosaic – a hymn to the hop, featuring one of the most celebrated hop varieties of the last decade.
De La Senne – Taras Boulba – the way Yvan de Baets cares for his yeast is a book in itself. This beer allows that yeast its ultimate expression.
Double Barrelled – Back to Life/Double Barrelled – Back to Reality – one recipe, two beers, with only the water treatment changed. The character of brewing water is the hardest ingredient to demonstrate, but tasting these beers side-by-side should show what a difference it makes.