Welcome to our online shop. We offer the full range of packaged Beers, Wines, Ciders & Spirits available in our Bath Rd store, as well as a range of gifts, snacks, merchandise and & sauces. Where possible we try to work with local suppliers to bring you interesting things, beer and gift related.

If there is something you can’t find, or you want to make a suggestion, please let us know through the contact form. We aim to deliver all beers within 48 hours, and for order placed before 12, the same day within 3 miles.

Beers & Drinks

We stock around 400 products at any time, with a lot of local, national, German, and Belgium favourites alongside rotational and seasonal lines. We believe there is a beer for everyone, so if you need a hand just give us a buzz

Gifts & Merchandise

We have curated a number of selection boxes that are perfect if you are looking to experiment or get the perfect gift for the beer lover.

Snacks & Sauces

What’s better to go with beer than some classic pub snacks?? We are constantly looking for interesting snacks and rotate the range whenever we can. If you are a hot sauce lover, look no further, we stock the full range from the world famous locally based Tubby Toms

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