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4.6% ABV


“Great lager takes a long time to make. In our case, it’s taken us 16 years!

Infinity is a lager, designed to be infinitely sessionable. A refreshing, pale-golden Helles brewed with authentic German ingredients to ensure the smoothness, balance and complexity of the style.

Filtered and crystal clear in the glass.

Helles is a style that requires finesse and for INFINITY, we use a simple recipe of authentic German ingredients with just 2 malts – German Pilsner and Vienna, and 2 German Noble hops – Tettnang and Spalter, to create a perfectly balanced and refreshing lager with the smoothness, balance and complexity of a true Helles.

INFINITY captures the crisp refreshing nature of its more famous cousin, Pilsner, whilst softening the bitterness and lowering the extreme dryness of the finish. Infinity, true to the Helles style, brings an element of sweetness to accompany the bitterness and dry finish of a lager, creating a more balanced pint.

Welcome to Infinity!”