Event – Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening – Tuesday 26th March


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Hey there wine and cheese lovers! 🧀🍷

We’re hosting an organic beer and cheese tasting event on Tuesday the 26th this month, and you won’t want to miss out!!

This includes 5 ace cheeses, 5 incredible and unique wines of all styles from Vineyard Productions as well as Izaak, Charlie and some special guests from Vineyard Productions and The Cheeseworks to talk through the pairings! This could be the night to discover on our your favourite cheeses EVER, or if you can eat a whole truckle of Brie De Meaux by yourself – spoilers – you probably can’t.

If you’re interested in food, drink, and a night of funnies, get a ticket and come on down – we’d love to see you 🧀🍻

Where – Bath Road Beers 🍻

When – March 26th 2024 (it’s a Tuesday) 📅

Parking – Bath Terrace Car Park (just behind the shop)🅿️

Dress Code – please be dressed 👗

Allergens – Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Bad Vibes 🌾 🧀