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7.0% ABV


“Kriek style sour with Stevnsbær sour cherries

Inspired by the Belgian kriek style, this golden sour beer has been aged on Danish sour cherries. This beer combines a blend of two of our favourite golden sour base beers, both brewed with local Scottish barley, wheat and oats, and fermented with multiple Brettanomyces and bacteria strains.

We aged this base beer for two months with 700kg of ‘Stevnsbær’ sour cherries, sourced from the orchards on the Frederiksdal estate used to produce award-winning Danish cherry wine. Known as the grapes of the North, these sour cherries are ideally suited to growing in the colder climbs of Scandinavia.

Drink young or age, this will get weirder.

Artwork by James Scanlan.”

Suitable for vegans.