Mash Gang – Chug


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0.5% ABV


“Chug, the beer that's perfect for hot and thirsty days! We've combined Galaxy, Citra, El Dorado, Amarillo and Vic Secret hops to create a light and approachable brew that still packs a punch.This beer is all about fun, and we've made sure it's easy to drink. With its hazy and juicy appearance, it's bursting with fruity aromas like mango and passionfruit. The medium bitterness is just enough to give it some kick, while the soft and fluffy body makes it easy to enjoy.Some might call it the Yassifacation of craft beer, but we're okay with that. This beer is a true reflection of sunshine in a can, bringing a taste of the tropics wherever you go. So grab a Mash Gang Chug and enjoy the ride.”