North Brewing Co. + Bundobust – Mango + Lime Lassi Sour


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4.5% abv


“Back with our buds at Bundobust, we’ve whipped up a brand new sour with the Indian Street Food Legends! The aim as always in our collaborations with Bundobust is to make a beer that is going to compliment the flavours in their expertly cooked dishes whilst also contrasting and taking off the heat a little.

Fresh lime squeezed on ripe mango is one of the world's greatest food pairings. In this latest addition to our series of collaborations with Bundobust, we’ve brought together these most pugnacious flavours into a uber fruity sour harmony. A pale base made with oats and lactose makes for a soft and smooth base to build from.

A touch of souring works with a gentle addition of lactose to create a rounded finish imitating peeled lemon rind. Fresh organic Mango Pureé further smooths it all out and sweetens it up with both lime juice and zest cutting in with its unique herby, zesty and fresh aromatic flavour.”