(White) Piguet Chouet – Meursault Cuvée Anne-Marye 2018


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13% abv

750 ml

Producer: Domaine Piguet-Chouet

Wine Style: White

Region: Burgundy, Côtes de Beaune

Year: 2017

Désignation: Meursault Cuvée Anne Marye “Le Pré de Manche”

Grape Variety: Chardonnay

Description: One of the most prestigious white burgundy, greeny-gold in colour it sometimes exhibits silvery highlights. Its bouquet has strong aromas of ripe grapes. Flavours of toasted almonds and Vanilla with a hint of mineral (flint) setting. Butter, honey, and citrus fruits are also present. Rich on the palate, unctuousness and freshness are in silky balance. Long and structured,

Food Pairing: Best with grilled lobster, crayfish, or king prawns in sauce – dishes whose aromatic intensity and crisp texture match the lively and supple balance of the wine. Even blue cheeses and foie gras take to it immediately.

Serving temperature: 12 to 14°C.