Our first Pop Up Kitchen in forever!

Holly from Mac ST Diner will be slinging her delicious Mac n Cheese in our tasting room all afternoon.

Back to Basics: Mc St Signature Sauce, Mozzarella, Topped with Garlic & Herb Crust.
Guacafella: Mac St Signature Sauce, BBQ Chilli, Guacamole, Salsa, Chipotle Sour Cream and Tortilla Topping.
The Top Dollar: Mac St Signature Sauce, Pesto, Pncetta, Topped with Garlic and Herb Crust.
Dirty Chilli Fries: BBQ Chilli beef, Chilli Cheese Sauce & Streaky Bacon.
Mac St Fries

No reservations, just pop by whenever you can!

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